How to Manage Tenants on a SaaS Platform

To efficiently provision for newly registering tenants, managing end-users and making tenant specific customizations, SaaS applications should has a powerful backend system enabled by the SaaS framework.

When a new client registers, the Digital Saber’s new Trackr administrator can log in to the backend application and create an account for the new tenant.

Through this back-end, administrators can assign tenant users specific access privileges. Within the tenant organization there will be multiple users with varying levels of application usage needs. To be most effective, the application needs to have the ability to assign functionality to users depending on the tenant organization’s requirements. This is also vital to maintaining the security of the application; where only authorized users are able to view specific information and carry out certain tasks. In Digital Saber’s Trackr, all this can be managed by the Administrative portal of the system.

Most SaaS providers offer standard packages of the software with varying levels of features and price. However, quite often clients demand more flexibility in their billing packages. Trackr has the functionality to create customized billing packages and dynamically assign them to tenants.
To meet the needs of tenants requiring multi-lingual support, (especially those with offices in multiple countries) the SaaS framework can enables internationalization of the application.

A fundamental aspect of SaaS; is an inbuilt metering mechanism which monitors and records usage of the application. This is consolidated into a detailed report and billing statements are generated, for the administrator.

Trackr specifically has the capability to address unique business needs of clients and efficiently manage a growing tenant user base. This is made possible through the SaaS framework that Trackr has been built on. The tenant ‘onboarding’ process is supported by an administration module; enabling the efficient management of the provisioning as the number of tenants grow and customization demands increase. Deploying this framework on a cloud infrastructure will give the flexibility to scale up and scale down the application as required.

From achieving client specific branding attributes to workflow customizations, access configurations to customizing billing rules; the Digital Saber SaaS Framework brings in the capabilities needed to meet the challenge of delivering enterprise class SaaS applications.

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